Once upon a time…

Agile Fairytales is the retelling of the fairytales we know and love from an adult’s point-of-view, combined with interactive exercises and games, designed to promote continuous learning. They reconnect people through our childhood love of stories and creative imagination. Each Agile Fairytale is carefully selected to address problems we may encounter as we strive to improve as an individual and as a member of a team.


Agile Every Day

At the heart of Agile Fairytales are three fundamental concepts:

  • Agile Values – Agile Fairytales extends the 5 Agile values of Communication, Simplicity, Courage, Feedback, Respect to include Trust and Transparency and applies them to real life
  • People – Agile Fairytales is based on the belief that we can all change for the better
  • Continuous Improvement – Agile Fairytales encourages us to improve one step at a time

A Creative Thinking Tool

Agile Fairytales uses simple narratives to structure the way we look at problems. Each fairytale is designed to give us insights into our experiences through a better understanding of ourselves.

When to Use Agile Fairytales

Agile Fairytales are useful:

  • As an icebreaker
  • For personal development
  • When forming a new team
  • For improving the performance of team members
  • As a game with friends and family.